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All natural premium ingredientsSourced only from Australian farms



Almonds, Apricots & Currants

Premium Natural Muesli

Wake up the Australian way, with this wholesome, nutritious and delicious combination of grains, almonds, apricots & currants. With no added sugar and no artificial colours or flavours this is a muesli blend you can feel good about eating.
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Macadamias, Almonds & Apples

Premium Natural Muesli

This delicious blend of Australian grains, macadamias, almonds and apples, makes Allinga Farms muesli the perfect way to start the day. We are proud to serve you 100% Australian produce.
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At Allinga Farms we select premium ingredients that have been ripened under the Australian sun, hence our name, originating from an Australian Aboriginal word for sun.

Our ingredients are sourced from many prime growing regions around Australia and are used to craft a range of delicious, nutritious and wholesome muesli blends to give you the best start to the day.

With 100% Australian grown ingredients we proudly support Australian producers. And why wouldn’t we? For example, Almonds grown under the Australia sun have an international reputation for consistent quality, and this is reflected in our premium products.

Our crafted mueslis contain no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, only a delicious blend of Australian natural ingredients, so fill up your bowl and enjoy Allinga Farms muesli today.